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Truks-N-Trykes offers four locations to better serve your child’s independent growing needs. Our Truks N Trykes 2 location is for children between 6 weeks and Preschool age (5 and 6 yrs). The Truks-N-Trykes 2 philosophy is to provide an environment of love and learning that extends the mental, physical, and social development of children. Learning through play and exploration is encouraged within the TNT2 approach to early childhood education.

Infant and Toddler Care- Our specially trained staff provide a peaceful and comfortable environment for your little one to grow. We provide safe and quiet resting areas, as well as activity and fun areas for busy little hands. Each feeding time and resting time is discussed with parents, so that you know your little one is getting the very best each day.

Our teachers are well educated in child development for each age category, to foster natural and fun learning that is age appropriate for each child’s developmental age. Each teacher is well experienced in their field and they are required to have criminal background checks before they work with the children. Every teacher is also required to maintain continuing education credits each year that allows them the most update training in childcare. The owners/directors each have a degree in elementary education and expect professionalism throughout the staff.

At Truks-N-Trykes 3, we nurture children from 6 weeks to pre-kindergarten (4-5 years). Each class is unique to the adventure of your child’s age and development, and is designed to specifically stimulate their particular learning stage experience accordingly.