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Truks-N-Trykes Nursery
6:30am-6:00pm M-F
4825 S Hosta Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57110
Phone: (605) 900-6183
Full Time / Part Time/ Drop-In Care (when available)
4-year old Mon-Thu PreSchool
3-year old Mon-Thu Preschool

Truks-N-Trykes 2:
6:30am-6:30pm M-F
5000 S MacArthur Lane Suite 101
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
Phone: (605) 274-0404

Truks-N-Trykes 3:
6:00am-6:00pm M-F
2908 S Phillips Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Phone: (605) 274-1819

Truks-N-Trykes Playcare:
6:00am-6:00pm M-F
3400 S Centerfield Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57110
Phone: (605) 371-9770

Truks-N-Trykes 2

Truks-N-Trykes 2

Truks-N-Trykes 3

Truks-N-Trykes 3

Truks-N-Trykes Playcare

Truks-N-Trykes Playcare

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Frequently Asked Questions

How qualified is the staff?
Our teachers are highly educated and well experienced in their field. They are required to have criminal background checks before they work with the children. Every teacher is also required to maintain continuing education credits each year that allows them the most update training in childcare. The owners/directors each have a degree in elementary education and expect professionalism throughout the staff.

Is the daycare secure?
Our centers have a secured entrance that can only be accessed using a security card issued to the parents. All centers have video cameras to provide security inside the center. Parents are asked to notify staff if someone other then themselves are picking up a child. Identification will be shown before the child is allowed to leave the building.

Do we offer preschool?
We currently offer an in-class Pre School Prep program everyday for our 3 year olds. 4 year olds who choose to enroll in our preschool program receive a separate instruction time M-W-Fri by a licensed teacher. Age guidelines are similar to the public school as far as when a child can enroll in preschool.

Do we offer Drop In Care?
Yes. We do ask that parents call ahead to ensure we have space for their child. We charge based on each center. Drop in care is on a first come first served basis. We maintain state ratios at all times.

Is Automatic withdrawal mandatory?
Auto pay is required. Pay for Drop In care is required at pick up.

Do we accept State Assistance?
Absolutely! We are happy to accommodate parents at every financial level.

What is our meal plan?
Our lunch is prepared off site and catered to TNT2 on a daily basis. Our lunches typically run on a 5 week cycle providing many different nutritional and well balanced choices each week.

Are we accommodating to special diets and food allergies?
It is easy for us to adjust our meals for children with dietary needs. Our breakfast and after school snacks are prepared onsite therefore we can offer optional foods to those who are more sensitive. We may order specific lunches for those with allergies as well.

What should I bring for my child?
All children require a change of clothes that are seasonally appropriate. Parents of infants are asked to provide diapers, wipes, special creams, formula or breast milk and baby food.

How often does TNT2 close their doors during business hours?
We close due to inclement weather only when Sioux Falls Public School District cancels school. We are also closed for the following holidays:

New Years
President’s Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
The Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve

If the scheduled holiday lands on Saturday, we will be closed on the Friday before the holiday. If the scheduled holiday lands on Sunday, the center will be closed the following Monday.

When are children sent home based on an illness?
When a child has a temperature 100 degrees or higher, parents are asked to pick up their child. Teachers practice common sense with other factors that can raise a child’s temperature, such as teething. Any signs of infectious viruses will be thoroughly inspected before parents are called to pick up their child.

When can a sick child return to daycare?
Happy, healthy children is our goal at T-N-T 2. We appreciate sick children staying home until they feel better and have not had a temp over 100 for 24 hrs.

What elementary schools do we provide transportation to and from?
Transportation is provided on a first come, first reserved basis. We currently transport students to and from Robert Frost, Rosa Parks and Journey. We try to assist as many students as we can and more schools may be added as requested.

When does my child advance to a new room?
Although each classroom is based mainly on the age of the child, we also keep milestones achieved in mind when advancing a child. If parents/staff feel a child is ready to progress to the next classroom before their birthday, the child’s capability becomes the main factor versus their age. On the other hand, if parents/staff feel a child needs more nurturing in their current room, they may wait until more milestones are met before advancing to the next room.

Do the children play outdoors?
Weather permitting, we take our children outside everyday. We have three outdoor play areas to accommodate our different age groups. Younger children will play on age appropriate structures on top of artificial turf, providing the safest environment possible. Older children have a larger play area which promotes a active play with many options to keep their busy bodies moving.

Does staff take the children on field trips?
Yes, the staff enjoy taking the children off site for optional activities. These field trips have consisted of the Butterfly House, local parks and restaurants, community plays, aquatic play and walks throughout the community. Staff is encouraged to take the children on field trips on a quarterly basis.

Can I visit my child during the day?
Yes! We have an open door policy and welcome parents and family members to visit their child anytime!